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Perfectly Imperfect Sale....

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A selection of pedals from the vaults that didn’t quite make the grade cosmetically.

Over the last few years, we’ve produced a lot of pedals.

Each of those pedals has to be perfect before it leaves our workshop. 

As a result, we have a small quantity of pedals that are perfect in every way (sonically, electronically, mechanically) but have some minor imperfection in their cosmetic appearance.

Poor little pedal. Sounds great, works great, looks great…. But the presence of a wee scratch, smudge or blemish in the artwork or powder coating means they’ve been left sitting on Ben’s “Perfectly Imperfect” shelf.

Quietly biding their time. Hoping that one day, an opportunity to find their forever homes would arise.

 And it has.

Today is that day. Today we are making a small number of perfectly imperfect Red Witch pedals available to you to buy, at a reduced rate.

To be clear – these pedals are all utterly perfect in every other way.

They all come with the Red Witch lifetime warranty.

Their only sin is being a little bit different visually. And let’s be honest – it’s the differences that make things special.

There’s only a limited number of them available. Once they’ve been sold, that’s it.

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