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Two independent Germanium amplifiers exist within Pristina, offering a mountain of crystalline, sparkling, clean boost to push even the most lack luster of valve amplifiers into a glorious, dynamic overdrive.

That's not to say that Pristina is wasted on a lovingly crafted, high end, boutique amp. Oh no no no! Pristina will bring additional depth and dynamics to any amplifier, regardless of pedigree. The power of a single, hand selected, NOS germanium transistor in each channel ensures that!

Engage footswitch one and the LED will illuminate in red. Engage footswitch two and the LED will illuminate in blue. Engage them both and it will illuminate in VIOLET! One volume per channel ensures that a universe of dynamic clarity is sublimely accessible!

Utilise Pristina as your boost, with both channels engaged and you'll find yourself in the magnificent territory of using your guitars volume dial as a means of shifting between clean and dirty sounds. You see, using Pristina means that as you dial back your instruments volume knob, it won't get wooly, it stays sparkly clean!     No need for treble bleed caps or any of that hit-and-miss marlarky.

The power of impedance will see to that!

Pristina can run on any voltage between 9 and 18 volts. Use a higher voltage to access even more headroom!

There will only be 99 Pristina Pedals ever made. Each one is built by hand by Red Witch founder, Ben Fulton, in his workshop in New Zealand. Each unit is hand signed and numbered.

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- 2 True bypass footswitches - one to engage each channel.

- BI colour LED indicates pedal mode - Red (Left Channel), Blue (Right Channel),  Violet (Both Channels).

- Twin Volume controls - one for each channel.

- 2 x NOS Germanium Transistors for tonal Nirvana.

- Hand signed and Numbered

This thing is amazing!! By far the most useable boost in my collection. Beautiful crystalline highs and lots of punch - John K

What could be better than germanium powered clean boost? A DUAL GERMANIUM powered boost! SOOOOO GOOD! - Cory G

This thing makes my humble Fender Hotrod Deville SPARKLE like a  vintage blackface amp from the 60's. Amazing- Jack B

Our brand new, limited edition dual channel Germanium boost.



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