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Medusa Chorus Tremolo


A New Universe of Modulation.

The Medusa was originally made in a small batch of 73 hand-made units in 2003. Discontinued for seven years, the decision to reissue came as a result of several hundred emails from players requesting production to restart.

Re-released in 2010, the Medusa offers guitar players the unique functionality of a chorus unit and tremolo unit in the same enclosure.  

The Medusa offers a totally unique function – chorustrem – where the chorus modulation pulses at the same rate as the tremolos throb.  

Swirling Chorus! Pulsing Trem! Inspiring Chorus-trem!

Fans of the Medusa include David Catching (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal), Galen Henson (Joe Satriani), and Saskia Hahn (Peaches).


  • Independent Chorus and Trem
  • 100% analog – uses original MN3007 BBD
  • Unique Chorus-trem effect
  • Stereo Output
  • Exp pedal output
  • Truebypass
  • 9 volt battery or DC 9 volt wall wart


Current draw: 49ma

Weight: 405 grams

Dimensions: 118mm x 38mm x 94mm


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