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HYPOSTASIA Fuzz Overdrive

Hypostasia – the divine coupling of Fuzz and Overdrive.


What are the two most beloved ways of breaking up the guitar signal?

Fuzz and overdrive.

Each unique, each different, each offering facets not available in the other.             

But what if there was a pedal that perfectly blended the two, to offer the very best of both worlds? 

Now there is: Hypostasia.

I designed Hypostasia with one thing in mind – versatility.

I wanted to create a pedal that bridged the gap between fuzz and overdrive, whilst allowing the user to access both of these glorious individual sounds.

Three distinct sounds – Fuzz, Overdrive and the sublime combination of the two.

The guitars signal is first fed into a magnificent fuzz circuit via an input level control. The input control allows you to get everything from sparkling cleans to a “wall of fuzz”.  

You can adjust the overall amount of fuzz via the Fuzz control. 

The signal is then seamlessly matched with the following overdrive section. Dialled in to offer everything from a tasteful rasp to a devastating roar. 

The Drive control allows you to adjust the overall amount of drive affecting the signal. 

Finally, a master volume allows you to set the overall level of the pedal.

These 4 simple controls open up an almost limitless number of sounds.

From tasteful rhythm overdrive to full on, singing lead sounds (think “American Woman”), from classic Clapton Beano era rangemaster drive to Hendrixian walls of speakers tumbling to the ground. 

Hypostasia offers it all. 

Perhaps, most importantly, Hypostasia opens a door to you finding your own unique, fuzz/ overdrive sound.

 Each unit uses hand wired, through hole components.                                   Hypostasia is true bypass.

Hypostasia is a part of my limited edition “Nouveau” series. There will only ever be 59 of them produced.


Hypostasia is available now. All orders will be sent out via DHL international express tracked service. Freight is complimentary.

There will only ever be 59 Hypostasia – don’t miss out!


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