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Fuzz God II


Fuzz God II - the insane silicon son of the original Germanium Fuzz God. 

Fuzz God II allows you to create fuzzyness of epic proportions (think red seas parting, burning bushes, pillars of salt etc).

From your classic fuzz tones of the sustaining, soulful, singing kind through to those of utter chaos - encompassing suboctave madness, parasitic sustain and out of control fax machine dial lunacy – perfect for a guitar players more avant garde inclinations.

Whilst there are devices available on the market that do one or other of these functions, the Fuzz God II is the only device that opens up the possibility of using them both within the same unit – switching between either mode instantly via the wrath footswitch.

Utilise the sputter control to determine how smooth or gated you sound is – from singing leads to “fuzz in the sun too long” sputting.

Supremely versatile

The Fuzz God II has established itself on the pedal boards of Fuzz afficiandos around the world including The Edge (U2), Monte Pitman (Madonna), Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crowe) and the Arctic Monkeys


Current draw: 2ma

Weight: 385 grams

Dimensions: 118mm x 38mm x 94mm


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