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Celestina Modulated Reverb

The Celestina is a limited edition modulated reverb pedal. 

This is the first time I’ve ever offered a reverb pedal from Red Witch.  

Each Celestina is an individually unique work of art.

From the bespoke artwork (each pedal has a unique image, created by New Zealand artist Rachael Gannaway) to the circuit inside the pedal (each pedal has it’s own unique iteration of the circuit), no two units will sound or look the same.

The artwork is inspired by Pythagora’s concept of “The Music of The Spheres” - an ethereal harmony believed by the Pythagoreans to be produced by the vibration of the celestial spheres. CELESTINA's art is also inspired by the sublime beauty of the universal proportions of sacred geometry, with particular reference to Piscis Eye Trinity and Vesica Pisces symbolism. Rachael took these concepts and created 59 works of art that reflect different facets of the concepts as they apply to the constellations. 

This is an opportunity to own something that no one else in the world has. 

It sounds amazing.

Featuring controls for reverberation, pre-delay time (30msec - 300msec), modulation depth, modulation rate and wet/ dry mix, CELESTINA offers an enormous range of options.

I designed the pedal to try and capture the vastness of space - the infinite expanse.
Not to say that it can’t do short subtle reverbs either, it can! 
From basic spring sounding reverbs to cosmic space landscapes.
You can run it with or without the modulation. 
You can have it 100% wet or any blend variation you see fit.
An incredibly versatile pedal.

Super versatile. Super unique.

Only be 59 Celestina’s will ever be made. 

Each Celestina is built by hand using through hole components and hand wiring, by me. Signed and and numbered, by me.

Each Celestina will come with a signed certificate of provenance.

CELESTINA's will ship via tracked DHL international express.
Freight is free.
The last three limited edition pedals sold out in less than  60 minutes from the moment they were publicly available.

<video coming later today>

Don't miss out. Order Celestina Now.


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