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Xantia Ring Harmonic Amplitude Modulator


Xantia is my Ring Harmonic Amplitude modulation pedal.

 It is 100% analog and gives you access to a plethora of ring modulator sounds - from the extreme to the ultra subtle. No need to connect external sources to get Xantia unfurling her stunning colors, an internal LFO takes care of all the modulation requirements.

In addition, Xantia is able to create beautiful tremolo sounds – leaning towards harmonic tremolo territory. A dial allows you to shift from ring modulator mode into tremolo mode.

Due to this being on a dial rather than a switch, you are able to utilize settings which bridge the space between ring modulation and amplitude modulation (ring modulation). A unique and (I believe) previously unavailable effect.

Ring modulation is often thought of as an incredibly dominant effect, which isn't necessarily everyone’s “cup of tea”. I designed Xantia to allow you access to a full spectrum of ring modulation/ amplitude modulation sounds. This means that you can have the effect dominate your sound OR you can adjust the controls to add just a dusting of “interest” to your sound. The sort of effect that people will hear and say “What’s going there? It sounds like they’re using a fuzz, but there’s something else? What is that????”

 It’s a really fantastic creative tool, a great way to add a little or a lot of color to your sound – clean or when overdriven. It plays well with other modulators and when connected to a fuzz pedal, things can get really raucous (or just mildly raucous, depending on how you set her).

I’ve created her to be ultra-easy to use with just four controls.

Gain - determines the volume of the pedal and how hard you drive the modulation section.

Blend - Allows you to chose from 100% wet to 100% dry and everything in between.

Frequency - determines the frequency of the ring modulator/ tremolo

Frequency Fine Tune - allows for precise settings - tune to the pitch that matches what you are playing.

Plug your guitar in on the right, your amp in on the left and you’re away!


There will only ever be 49 Xantia’s made. Each Xantia is built by hand, using through hole components, by me. Xantia’s enclosure features a gorgeous, vibrant artwork – truly stunning.

Each unit is hand numbered and signed by me.

All our previous limited edition Nouveau series pedals sold out in record time.

Xantias will be sent out within 7 working days from the date of purchase, via DHL international express tracked courier. 

There will be no freight charge on the Xantia. I’ll send you tracking details when the pedal ships.


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