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GLASSIO is a very special kind of Fuzz pedal.

A Fuzz that lets you dial in the amount of “glass” in your Fuzz tone.

I’ve always loved Stevie Ray Vaughans tone – it’s epic and impressive.

An iconic sound that inspired countless players to don a strat, cowboy boots and a TS9. My favourite facet of Stevie’s plethora of tones was the glassy sound he achieved on tracks like Texas Flood.

But that glassy tone isn’t just limited to SRV’s sound…. Steve Vai used a gorgeous clean glassy sound on “Tender Surrender” and Frank Zappa’s clean sound on “Watermelon in Easter Hay”. Both those sounds (to my understanding) were created using a transformer to change the impedance of the guitar sound (amongst other things). But a glassy fuzz with the fuzz turned down can get you well into that ballpark.

There is something magical that happens when you run single coil pickups into a glassy fuzz. The shimmering, sparkling celestial sound of expansive blue skies or radiant twinkling stars in a vast night sky. 

I love it. 

But we rarely just want only the Glassy fuzz sound.

And this is where the issue has been, until now.

GLASSIO has a separate control for “Glass” – which when used with the  "Clean" control settings allows you to dial as little or as much glass into your sound as you like.

With the Fuzz control up, the Glass control determines the overall feel of the fuzz – from thick, ripping warm fuzz tones to piercing, cut-through-the-mix tones - it could be viewed as a sonic "body" or  "bite" control. 

The “Glass” control makes GLASSIO an incredibly versatile fuzz pedal. 

In addition to “Glass” and “Fuzz” controls, Glassio features a “clean” control and an output level control. All dials are super interactive and offer an enormous number of tones from one, gorgeous pedal.

There will only be 59 GLASSIO pedals made.

Each one will be made by hand, numbered and signed by me, Ben Fulton. 

Premium components throughout, hand wired using classic through hole component assembly.

A work of art, sonically and visually.

Don't miss out!



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