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Panoptia 2 + 1 Overdrive


The Panoptia is a unique overdrive with three controllable stages.

It’s like a Marshall Plexi flavoured amp fed into another valve power stage.

 You can get as much or as little clipping from each consecutive stage as you desire.

Three gain controls allow you to dial in a myriad of overdrive textures, from delicate, singing blues rock tones, to crunchier classic rock sounds right through to Van Halen-esque high gain (but still clear) tones.

Three gain dials, almost infinite gain options.

 A presence control allows you to determine the amount of bite the overdriven tone has.

Inside Panoptia is a small, blue slide switch. Sliding this into the downward position delivers a tight, articulate overdrive with slightly less gain. Sliding this into the upwards position delivers bigger and wilder drive with more gain and more bottom end. Set and forget, to your taste.

There’s only ever going to be 66 of these pedals made.

 Each one has been hand made by me. I’ve signed and numbered each one too.

 The Panoptia is an incredibly useful and useable pedal. 


 As with all the Nouveau pedals, once they sell out, there will be no more.

Panoptia's will be shipped the same day as you place your order.

All Panoptia’s will be shipped via tracked DHL international express. There will be no charge for freight.

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