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We all want something unique. Something that nobody else has. Something special. Something we can treasure.

Now you have an opportunity to own a one off, unique pedal.


The INFINIA is a collection of 19 one off fuzz pedals featuring a unique variation of a completely original fuzz circuit. 

A limited production of only 19 pieces. Each INFINIA has it's only unique art. It's own unique version of the circuit. It's own unique sound.

19 independently different pedals.

Crafted by hand, here at my home workshop, by me - Ben Fulton.

Don't miss out.


Fuzz - controls the level of fuzz

Disposition - determines the attitude of the fuzz, from smooth to gate-y.

Constitution - controls the grain of the fuzz sound from mooshy to steely

Volume - sets the overall output of the fuzz

All controls work interactively. 4 controls all entwined in the glorious dance of fuzz.

Footswitch - Truebypass - engages the effect.

Superbrite LED - visually announces the INFINIA is engaged.

2.1mm Socket - to power the pedal, attach DC 9 volt, tip negative power supply here.

Right Hand Jack Socket - Input

Left Hand Jack Socket - Output

The Art

The artwork is inspired by images from Rudolph Koch's book "The Book of Signs" and re-imagined by New Zealand artist Rachael Gannaway. 

Each INFINIA has it's own unique artwork.

Each INFINIA is hand signed and numbered by me, Ben Fulton.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each INFINIA comes with a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty on the entire pedal


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