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FALCOR - Limited Edition Modulator

We all want something unique. Something special. Something that no one else has. Something that we can treasure.

I’m offering the opportunity to own a one off, unique pedal. 


The FALCOR is a collection of 60  one-off chorus modulation pedals featuring a unique resonance control allowing access to an enormous range of chorus sounds. 

A limited production of only 60 pieces. Each FALCOR is a "one of one" pedal with it’s own unique art. It’s own unique iteration of the circuit. It’s own unique sound. 

60 independently different pedals.

Crafted by hand, here at my home workshop, by me – Ben Fulton


Don’t miss out.


The Name

Some of you will be aware that a few months ago my father passed away. He was a wonderful man and beloved by many.

When my children were little, they started calling him Falcor after the luck dragon in the film “the Never Ending Story”.

I want to pay tribute to him with this pedal.

 I’ve taken images from his life and turned them into the pedal artwork you see in the Falcor pedal. I hope by looking at the images on the pedals you get a feeling for what a kind, gentle and loving man my Dad was.

He was always a great advocate and supporter of Red Witch. Usually accompanied with a statement along the lines of “I just don't know how you can create those electronic devices… it’s beyond me! But it’s marvelous!”

I think he’d be pretty chuffed to see this pedal.

For those of you who would like to get more of a feel of who he was, you can click here to read the things I said at his funeral.


The Controls

Velocity – This controls the rate of the modulation pulse. It can go from incredible slowly to insanely quickly.

 Depth – this sets the depth of the modulation.

 Mix – determines the blend of wet and dry – from the faintest hint of modulation to an all out drenching.

Resonance – This control sends some of the modulated signal back into the input stage of the FALCOR. This allows you expand beyond the sounds of standard chorusing, reaching into the realms of flanging and almost ring modulation sounds.

 Footswitch – Truebypass switching – engages the effect.

 LED – pulses cheerfully in time with the modulation

 2.1mm Socket - to power the pedal, attach DC 9 volt, tip negative power supply here.

Right Hand Jack Socket - Input

Left Hand Jack Socket – Output


Each unique circuit

Each FALCOR has a unique blend of components used in it which results in each pedal having it’s own specific internal modulation delay time, tonal response and overall flavour. Each one is different, but they all sound gorgeous.

Each FALCOR is 100% analog featuring a  N.O.S. MN3007 bucket brigade chip.


Certificate of Authenticity

Each FALCOR is hand made and signed by me, Ben Fulton. Each pedal comes with a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty on the entire pedal.



100% Analog

Premium Sockets and switches

Truebypass Switching

Sounds phenomenal on Guitar and Bass

Current draw: 24mA

Dimensions: 93mm x 34mm x 128mm

Weight 410 grams




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