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EUPHEMIA Sample Hold Filter


I’ve always loved the sound of Sample Hold Filters.

There’s something magical in that bubbling, mysterious, random range of frequencies. Oberheim and Maestro spring to mind when thinking of the great analog Sample Hold pedals of the past. The genius of Frank Zappa or John Frusciante, conjuring otherworldly sounds.

The only issue with Sample Hold filters is that they’re a bit of a one trick pony.

A fantastic one trick, to be sure, but there’s never been much to experiment with other than adjusting the speed.

Until now.

Euphemia is a 100% all analog Sample Hold Filter pedal with a number of unique, controllable parameters.

In addition to the usual Velocity control for the speed of the filter shift, Euphemia allows you to adjust the frequency spectrum that the filter is working within (focusing on low frequencies or focusing on high frequencies or focusing on the mid range area) via the Frequency dial.

There is also an “Aggression” control which determines the aggression of the filter-shifts. Turn the aggression control fully counter-clockwise to unlock a secret feature - the bandpass filter mode! In this mode, the frequency dial allows you to "tune" your guitar sound to whichever frequency you desire. This "notched" guitar tone has been used by legends like Carlos Santana and Brian May... it's a fantastic tone to have at your disposal.

Finally, there’s a Mix dial to determine the blend of fully effected signal and clean signal. This allows you to determine how pronounced (complete immersion) or subtle the effect is.

All of this opens the doors to a lot more versatility and creativity.

Of course, you can certainly dial in the classic sounds that we all know and love.

But…. If you want a bit more (or a bit less) the options are there for you in Euphemia, in a way that no other sample hold pedal offers.

The heart of Euphemia (and any other analog Sample Hold Filter) is the noise generation section. The optimal “noise” transistors used in the 1970’s are long obsolete.

Current analog Sample Hold pedals all make do with a substitute noise transistor of some kind or another.  A noise transistor that is “pretty close” to the original….

But……. It’s not the original.

I was not willing to release Euphemia until I had found the perfect noise transistors.

And now I have.  I’m happy share that each of the noise transistors in Euphemia works as beautifully as those original transistors. It actually surpasses many of the most favoured.

Which gives you, the player, access to a truly magnificent Sample Hold filter sound. With a myriad of unique, new, useable options.

Each unit uses hand wired, premium through-hole components.

Euphemia is true bypass.

As Euphemia is part of my Nouveau series it will only be available for a very short time.

I’m only building 59 of them.

Each unit will be hand assembled, signed and numbered, by me.

All orders will ship on May 2nd via DHL international express service. To anywhere in the world. Freight on your Euphemia is free.

All of our Nouveau series pedals sell out quickly.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own the truly remarkable Euphemia!

Place your order now!

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