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Calandria Tone Sculptor


Calandria is a unique, all analog, tone shaping tool.

 I’ve always loved the way certain great players have had a tone that just erupts out of the mix. Boldly standing out. Unmistakeable and unmissable.

 Mick Ronson. Brian May. Randy Rhoads. To name a few.

 The secret for a lot of those players has been the use of some sort of frequency specific boost.

Calandria is in essence a parametric equaliser with separate controls for low, high and a sweep-able midrange.
The midrange allows you up to a massive 20dB boost or cut on the frequency band ranging from 400hz up to 10 kKhz.

With a “Q” specially tailored for guitar.

Calandria is a beautiful tone sculpting device.

Incredibly useful and remarkably musical.

Calandria can be used in myriad of musically helpful ways.

She can be used as a clean boost.

She can be used to delicately shape your tone, adding nuance and attention to certain key frequencies.

She can be used to easily push a tube amplifier into gorgeous overdrive.

She can be used to push a tube amplifier into overdrive and push certain resonant frequencies allowing you to dial in feedback/ infinite sustain points.

With external controls for low, high , mid range frequency, midrange boost/cut and internal control for master volume, Calandria is an incredibly versatile
addition to your sonic resources. I designed her to run at 18 volts (via an internally boosted voltage) allowing substantially greater headroom than 9 volt tone shaping pedals.

Only 49 Calandria will ever be built. Each Calandria is built by hand, using through hole components and hand wiring. By me.

Housed in a gorgeous enclosure with art that encapsulates the beautiful and alluring spirit of Calandria (the artwork is my personal favourite thus far).

Each unit is hand signed and numbered, by me.

Your Calandria will be sent via tracked Express International service via DHL.
Shipping is free.

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