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Seven Sisters Grace Compressor


“Grace was in all her steps, Heav’n in her Eye, In every gesture dignity and love” – Milton.

If you’ve looked all your life for a truly beautiful, simple compressor your search is over.

From subtle to bold, soft to firm, Grace Compressor delivers players a remarkably versatile device in a super small package.

 Seven years in conception and finally realized in 2011, Grace’s siblings: the Seven Sisters, are a revolutionary new concept in the realm of guitar effects pedals. The world’s first rechargeable guitar pedals – the Sisters feature a Lithium Ion cell (like that found in your cell phone or digital camera) and internal charging circuitry.

Simply connect Grace to a regular guitar pedal power supply, charge her for four hours and Voila! 120 hours of actual use!

Two simple controls allow access to a myriad of squishy, compressed goodness. Volume controls……. the Volume! Compression controls…….. the Compression!


  • Brilliantly simple compressor
  • Gain and compression controls
  • Internal micro trimmer compression adjustment
  • Jack sockets mounted on top side
  • True bypass
  • Use either internal rechargeable battery or standard 9 volt DC wallwart supply


Current Draw: 110ma

Weight: 157 grams

Dimensions: 90mm x 30mm x 45mm


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