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Ophelia is an Ultra limited edition Germanium Fuzz Pedal.

Featuring 3 x New old Stock Germanium 2N404 transistors, Ophelia offers a new  design in Fuzz.

Two top edge mounted dials allow you to control the Fuzz level and a unique control titled "Zenith". Zenith lets you control the grit, bite and gate of the Fuzz signal. An internal control allows you to set and forget master volume levels.

All Ophelia's are hand assembled and signed by Red Witch Magus, Ben Fulton.  

Ophelia is true bypass and finished in vintage cream powder coat. She runs exclusively from a DC 9 volt wallwart power supply. All components are through hole. 

All units will ship this coming Wednesday afternoon ( Pacific Coast time: GMT-8).

All units ship from New Zealand, internationally.


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