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OMNIA - Germanium Amplifier - Perfectly Imperfect

Available as part of our perfectly imperfect sale.

We have a small quantity of Omnia pedals that are perfect in every way (sonically, electronically, mechanically) but have some minor imperfection in their cosmetic appearance.

The OMNIA Germanium amplifier offers you a crystalline, sparkling clean boost in a tiny, beautiful package. Capable of transforming even the most lack luster of valve amplifiers into a glorious, dynamic tone machine.

That's not to say that OMNIA is wasted on a lovingly crafted, high end, boutique amp. Quite the opposite. OMNIA will bring additional depth and dynamics to any amplifier, regardless of pedigree. The power of a single, hand selected, NOS germanium transistor ensures that!

Access a universe of dynamic clarity!

Utilise OMNIA as your boost and you'll find yourself in the magnificent territory of being able to use your guitars volume dial as a means of shifting between clean and dirty sounds. You see, using OMNIA means that as you dial back your instruments volume knob, it won't get wooly, it stays sparkly clean!  No need for treble bleed caps .

The power of impedance will see to that!

Improve your tone. Use OMNIA.



True-Bypass switching

N.O.S. Germanium Transistor

Hand Signed and numbered

Custom machined aluminum knob



Dimensions: 105mm x 50mm x 45mm

 Weight: 145 grams

Current draw: 3ma


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