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Lyria Harmonic Tremolo

Lyria is a gorgeous 100% analog harmonic tremolo pedal.

Harmonic tremolo is an effect that I have loved forever.

Possibly my favourite form of modulation. The sort of modulation that instantly makes things sound magical and beautiful.

Lyria uses a set of matched FET transistors to control the amplitude modulation of two parallel signals. One signal is a high frequency signal, the other a low frequency signal.

Modulation has always been at the forefront of my designs, from the Moon Phaser and Empress Deus Chorus right through to the recent Eleutheria limited edition Flanger pedal.

It has been a real pleasure to turn my focus towards the prettiest of all modulation modalities.

With controls for Speed, Depth and Volume Lyria also includes unique internal trimpot options controlling the two split signals (high and low).
The external Frequency control determines the frequency of the low end signal - from sub to mid range throb.
No other harmonic tremolo pedal offer this functionality, in this format. This unique control option allows you to modify the flavour of the harmonic tremolo.

An almost meditative sound. Organic and beautifully mesmerising.

Only 49 Lyria pedals will ever be built. Each Lyria is built by hand, using through hole components and hand wiring. By me.

Housed in a gorgeous enclosure with art that encapsulates the beautiful and alluring spirit of Lyria.

Each unit is hand signed and numbered, by me.

My last limited edition pedal - the Eleutheria Flanger, sold out in 24 minutes from the moment they were publicly available.


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