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A glorious all analog monophonic guitar Synthesizer with Filter, Sample and Hold and Analog Chorus.

The Synthotron is an incredibly unique pedal. 

The term "unique" seems to get overused a lot in the world of pedals..... but the Synthotron III does things to your guitar sound that no other pedal can do.

From the sublime to the ridiculous. So many sounds. So many options. So much fun.


- 4 independent all analog voices with pitch and octave settings across them, determined by the top toggle switch on each of the four channels.
- Voice One toggle - Pitch 1 -(Yellow strip)= Unison, 1 octave up, 2 octaves up
- Voice Two Toggle - 8ve - (Orange strip) = References whichever note is being generated by Voice one and the generates either: 1 octave below, 2 octaves below or 3 octaves below
- Voice Three Toggle -Pitch 2 (Red strip) References note generated by Voice one and generates either: 1 octave below, p4 or p5 below, ma 2 or mi6 below
- Voice Four Toggle - 8ve - (Dark Red strip) = References whichever note is being generated by Voice three and the generates either: 1 octave below, 2 octaves below or 3 octaves below

- Decay and infinite sustain options - you can set each voice independently  to have an incredible crisp, staccato feel, or a gentle decay
(You can set the duration of the decay independently on each channel) or set it to an infinite sustain - where the synth will lock onto the note you’re playing and will 
only change pitch when you change the note on your guitar.

- Flux dial controls the “spring” or glissando between notes.
- Flux Toggle - right position engages the flux option. Left position disengages. Left position enables a staccato option with great tracking.

-  Seperate Dry level control.

- External Dry out (so you can split the Synthotron III between two amps - one carrying clean signal, the other carrying synth.

- External CV in.

- External Trigger in.


- Select between - Sample Hold Mode, Envelope Filter Mode and  Manual Sweep Mode (via exp pedal).

- Velocity and Freq control the speed and frequency range of the filter

- External Exp jack for controlling frequency range with an external exp pedal when in expression pedal filter sweep mode.

- External Exp jack for controlling filter section LFO speed with an external exp pedal.


- All analog chorus section (based around the Empress Deus Chorus) - using a NOS MN3007 bucket brigade chip.

- Twin voice settings allow selection between a warm CE-1 styled chorus or a bright shimmery chorus

- Velocity controls the chorus speed

-  Mix controls the blend of wet and dry signal

- Depth controls the depth of the chorus effect


Each of the three effects in the Synthotron III (Synth, Filter, Chorus) can be used independently or simultaneously. Three incredible, ultra dial-able analog effects in one enclosure.

Each of the three effects in the Synthotron III has it’s own foot-switch allowing ease of engaging/ disengaging each section of the pedal.

The Synthotron III is true bypass so will not impact your tone when not engaged. It runs off a standard DC 9 volt pedal power supply. Inside the Synthotron it takes the 9 volts and converts to 18 volts for maximum headroom and stability.

The Synthotron III is the most unique sounding pedal I have ever created. Synthotron I and II were unique, but also quite polarising - the inherent challenges with 
tracking meant that people seemed to either adore it or be utterly mystified by it. Synthotron III offers all the things people loved about it’s predecessors, but a vastly improved and expanded design.

This is the only pedal in the world that can create these sounds. There are thousands of Fuzz pedals, Chorus pedals and overdrive pedals. But only ONE Synthotron.
Each pedal will be hand signed and numbered by me, Ben Fulton.


- True Bypass
- 100% Analog
- 9 Volt DC -  from any standard guitar pedal external power supply. Tip negative.
- 130mA current draw
- Dimensions: 144mm x 121mm x 56mm


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