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Factotum Suboctave Bass Overdrive


Sublime Subsonic Sentience!

The Factotum features two separate bass effects in one glorious chrome package; the ridiculous might and sub-thumping girth of 100% analog suboctave and the ultra dial-able grit of 100% analog bass overdrive.

Each effect can be used independently or simultaneously - they each have their own true bypass stomp switch. Dial as little or a much of each effect in with the two mix controls.

Designed specifically for the bass – this pedal retains clarity and transparency in the low-end bass frequencies, essential frequencies lost when using traditional guitar effects. 

Can we have a “C” for clarity and a “B” for Balls!!!


  • Independent overdrive for bass
  • Independent sub octave for bass
  • Independent wet/dry mix for each
  • 100% analog = totally unique
  • Full frequency response


Current draw: 42ma

Weight: 385 grams

Dimensions: 118mm x 38mm x 94mm


“I’ve been checking out the Red Witch Factotum pedal which is a Bass Suboctave Drive.Basically, it’s an octaver/overdrive pedal. with separate switches for each effect.

It’s great for a number of sounds.I turned on just the octave section and rolled off the dry sound and got a very cool,clean synth sound that tracked quite well down to about the C on the A string.

I’m not a big fan of those envelope filter,Muskrat Love type synth bass sounds so the clean Octaver sound is perfect for me.By clicking on the overdrive section I was able to get pretty close to that P Funk “Flashlight” synth bass sound. With a decent compressor I might even fool you into believing I’m Bernie Worell’s* gifted younger cousin!

You can dial in as much of the sawtooth edge as you like.That’s another reason I really dig this pedal. It’s easy to tune in a great sound and you can tailor the octaver and the overdrive separately then mix them together.

It’s sounds great,it’s easy to use and when you don’t want to travel with an actual synth bass controller and module,this can cover some of the bases.Or should I say basses.”

Darryl Jones (The Rolling Stones, Sting, Miles Davis)


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